Socialize Media are a social media marketing and training agency based in the beautiful seaside town of Torquay, Devon. Founded by Nick Ellison, social media strategist, speaker and consultant.

Nick saw the need to set up Socialize Media when talking to small businesses at various networking events about how powerful social media, if used correctly, could be. What could be achieved in businesses by being open and transparent, communicating with your customers publicly and how to offer superb customer service in 140 characters are just a few of many conversations had. After feedback such as ‘Facebook’s for kids’ and ‘Twitter’s for telling people what you had for breakfast’ and many comments alike, Nick realised that education was the key, and Socialize Media was born.

The business owners Nick spoke to were not to blame, they just didn’t understand the communication shift, the power and influence of social media were being overlooked, and more so, they just didn’t understand that if they didn’t start to embrace social media, they would quite literally be left behind.

We know the servies offered today by Socialize Media are right for you, because they are the service that SME’s asked us for. 

Some required a little advice, some needed full training, and other with a bigger budget wanted to hire a professional to work with on an ongoing basis. If you haven’t started to embrace social media yet within your everyday business practices, let us help you with that transition, it’s not as scary as you think! Whether you just need a little advice, staff training, your social network profiles customising or you want to put your social media management in our safe hands, we are here for you.

Our service include social media brandingtraining & management.

Please contact us now to discuss your requirements. Your first one hour consultation is absolutely free.